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Since the birth of the modern firearm, shooting enthusiasts, occasional shooters and security-minded citizens have been interested in improving their shooting skills and knowledge of firearms.


IAShooters.com is an informative and entertaining community site dedicated to Iowa shooting sports including, competitive pistol, competitive rifle, clay target shooting, and more.  We also have info on Shooting Clubs, ranges, handguns, rifles, shotguns, target shooting, hunting, self- protection, Second Amendment, and more.


We are dedicated to servicing the entire community; whether you are male, female, first time owner, collector, or an experienced shooter. We hope you visit IAShooters.com often and help us to make this site one of your favorites by telling us what you like or dislike. You can help us out by letting your Iowa friends, family, co-workers, local clubs, and businesses know we would like to see them join and support our community.

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